How to Get Me to Buy Second Life Items on Social Media

I see a lot of Second Life products promoted on social media, and some I might actually buy if the people posting about them would do just one thing; put a link to the marketplace that leads directly to the item in that post.

If someone is selling something they should make it as easy as possible for people to buy, right? You’d think so, but more often than not I don’t see a link to what’s for sale or if I do it leads to an external site like Flickr. Here’s the thing: If I’m on Facebook, I don’t want to go to Flickr. I want that info right in front of me.

I realize photos may be of higher quality elsewhere, and people take pride in their SL photos. That’s great. I love photography and art, but when it’s promoting a product I’m more interested in what’s for sale than how artistic the advertisement is.

Linking to an inworld shop is also good. I prefer to shop inworld if possible, but if I’m on social media I’m not usually logged into Second Life. If the inworld location is the only thing listed I might forget about it, but linking to the marketplace means I might do an impulse buy.

On Facebook, for example, there’s so much nice stuff that if I had to go to Flickr for every interesting item, I’d be on social media all day.

So that’s my tip. Link directly to the item being sold.

Author: Moon Brite

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