I Have The Best Cyber Billboards

If you haven’t visited me lately you might not know that Moonletters Town is now a futuristic place called Lunar Heights. This was the first major change I made on my land in years, and I did everything to suit my own taste this time.

Though Lunar Heights isn’t finished yet, it’s shaping up to receive visitors. Moon Bunny has a new shop building, and there’s also an arcade, church, and food place called The Hive with a robot serving drinks.

Something that made a huge difference to how great things look is the Bladerunner-style billboards you’ll see everywhere. Without these, the town wouldn’t be the same, and I have my great friend and neighbor Serendipidy Haven to thank for them. Seren, who owns the shop Neon Dreamz, has lived by me for 12 years now. From the start, we connected our land so that if you explore around it seems like different sections of the same place!

“I’ve three new animated billboards on sale – think Bladerunner, neo-Tokyo inspired flashiness, designed to make a big impression,” she said on Serendipidy Haven’s Musings. “At a measly 3LI each, they’re not going to steal all your primmage, and they’re visible up to 1024 metres away, so brilliant for high-rise towers and elevated buildings. With copy permissions, you can have as many as you like too. I’m really pleased with these, and there will be more coming out in the near future, but you really do need to see them in situ to appreciate them, so please do come along to my land at Marmalade Skies, and whilst you’re at it, have a look around at Lunar Heights next door, to see just how good they can look.”

I agree with Seren. You should see these billboards inworld to fully appreciate them, so pop on over! Or, if you prefer, go straight to Seren’s Marketplace store and get one now!

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2 thoughts on “I Have The Best Cyber Billboards

  1. I think they’re the best too… But I may be a little biased!

    Seriously though, I love how you’ve used them around town, and I really appreciate your support for my business 🙂

    s. x

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