I Like Concrete Jungles

Since 2007 I’ve owned land in Second Life, and aside from a bit of grass in a city park or a small setting for a UFO crash, I’ve never put anything out that even remotely resembles a meadow. It’s not that I have anything against it. I like pretty scenery too! I just prefer a city setting, and if I had my way I’d live right in the middle of a high-tech mega-city.

I’m aware I’m in the minority. I once did a poll and most people, if given the choice, said they’d prefer to live in the country; out in the middle of nowhere even! Well, we all can’t be exactly alike, can we?

To express my love for the city, here’s a poem.


I Like Concrete Jungles

I favor the city over country
In town I know I have places to go
With cinemas and neon lights to see

I don’t mind traffic, the street names I know
There are skyscrapers in my kind of town
I do like trees growing by the road though

Country is peaceful but I’ve always known
The fun excitement of city living
I fit in and I know my way around

I love country people, they are giving
They greet you in stores like you were their own
They smile, and I hope they’ll be forgiving

I prefer city — not to be alone
In a concrete jungle, not on my own

-Moon Brite

Author: Moon Brite

2 thoughts on “I Like Concrete Jungles

  1. I’m in the majority, who’d prefer to live in the country, but I love the vibrance and energy of a big city, and there’s a bit of the urban explorer in me, drawn to the grit and reality that lurks down side streets and alleyways.

    s. x

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