Kids Who Rejected You in School Are Now Old People in Second Life

This story is about a real incident that happened years ago, but it does relate to SL a bit.

When I was 9-years-old I moved to a new town, and enrolled in a school where I was immediately befriended by Kim, the most popular girl in class. Kim was sweet, helpful to new people, and other girls followed her around as if she were a saint. We got along fine, I thought, but for some mysterious reason Kim decided she didn’t like me after all.

So, what happened? Out of the blue Kim came against me in a bizarre way (a story unto itself), then made it look like I did something bad to her instead. And, on her word alone, my classmates went from accepting the new kid (me) to shunning me.

Often, girls can be physical bullies. Believe it or not, I would have preferred if Kim had tried that instead! I did not look tough, but I could take down even a boy my age who tried to fight me. The Kims of the world do not hit you, though. They slander you, play the victim; and this was something my 9-year-old self did not know how defend against.

One classmate came over when no one was looking. “You’re nice,” she whispered. “But I can’t be your friend. If I am, it will make Kim sad.”

So that was the gist of it. The other 9-year-olds didn’t have a clue about me, they just wanted to keep Princess Kim happy.

School days are over, but human beings are still human, even in the virtual world; and I’ve seen adults exhibit the same behavior I saw in fourth grade. Princess Kim still exists, she just got old and joined Second Life.

What makes a Kim? One of my friends said it’s because the person always wants to be “top dog.” That’s probably true, but a bigger part is (secret) insecurity and jealousy. Kims are cowards, so they stir people up behind the scenes. Socially, they appear to be nice though, and try to maintain their goody-good reputation.

It’s been a long time since most of us were children, but no matter how old we get some people still act like they’re 9-years-old. I probably do too sometimes. I was never a follower (maybe that was part of the problem?), but I admit it: Now and then I just want to take my ball and go home.

Author: Moon Inworld

2 thoughts on “Kids Who Rejected You in School Are Now Old People in Second Life

  1. I think this is a very astute and insightful observation. Sadly we do come across ‘Kim’ occasionally in life, and also inworld: Perhaps more so – maybe because it’s such a closed environment and people’s loyalties are more aligned to being in favour with the top dog (it’s a bit like prison – now there’s a great marketing slogan for Linden Lab – ‘Join SL, it’s like being in prison’).

    Joking aside though, people like Kim are generally power-hungry and – sadly – haven’t lost that childish approach to life. They were probably bullies as kids!

    s. x

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