KLR Radio Offers ‘Hand of Friendship’ to SL Sim and Business Owners

DJ Tony, who provides KLR radio exclusively to Second Life residents, is offering a hand of friendship to promote sim and business owners at no cost.

“We don’t charge as such,” Tony said, “but welcome reciprocal arrangements.”

KLR is produced in Second Life and is available on Karuvium, various private parcels, and the Redangel Clothing Company shopping mall. It plays a variety of music rather than just one genre.

“Unlike most radio stations today which are heavily formatted to one particular style of music genre, at KLR we believe that a wide variety of music should be available to our listeners in one stream,” Tony said.

Tony lists his history as a professional radio presenter in the UK working freelance for BBC and commercial local radio between 1980 and 2003.

“As I age, the joy of broadcasting has never left me, and it is KLR that provides me with mindfulness and stability in my advancing years,” he said.

For more info visit the KLR website or send a friend request to Anthony Lovett on Facebook

Author: MoonX

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