Land of the Giants

I had another giant visit while I was remodeling the town. Her name is Ennistar, and she was quite friendly. She said she’d read my previous article on Vanessa the giantess who started visiting us some time ago.

Up until now, Vanessa was the largest avatar I have ever seen. I have to say, though, compared to Ennistar, Vanessa is looking a bit like a hobbit now.

In the picture, you can see Ennistar next to my giant hologram woman, and if I hadn’t labeled the photo you’d be forgiven if you didn’t realize I was also in the picture. That’s right. I’m on the roof of the Moon Bunny shop looking like an ant.

Moonletters Town is now called Lunar Heights, and it has a futuristic cyberpunk theme. I’m still working on it so it’s not actually ready yet, but when it is you’ll find flying cars, aliens, and the occasional zombie or giantess. I welcome people of all shapes and sizes, even when I look like an insect beside them.

This is why I love Second Life!

Author: MoonX

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