Legendaire – A Hidden Gem Clothing Store

Let’s start by pointing out the obvious. I’m not a fashion blogger! No, really. I’m not.

I do, however, wear clothes like other humans, and for years I made my own because I hate most clothing in Second Life.

Not much has changed. I still hate most SL clothing. However, I find myself shopping at Legendaire quite frequently. In fact, I return each day to see what’s new. How’d that happen?

Ok, let’s keep it real. A lot of what Legendaire sells is not to my taste. I avoid outfits that show a lot of cleavage and Legendaire has quite a bit of that. However, the store has so much stuff and provides HUDS to change textures with, that even I manage to find things to mix and match into something that feels like “my” outfit.

Legendaire’s higher-priced clothing is still under 200L, but most outfits hover around 100L. You get several texture options for the top and bottom as well as shoes (yes, those too!), so it’s really like getting several outfits for the price of one.

RECAP: 1. Low prices. 2. Texture-change HUDS, so if you get one outfit it’s really like getting several! 3. Shoes included.

Other stores often charge two to three times the amount for shoes Legendaire automatically includes with an outfit!

It gets better. When you join the group (49L) you have access to a wall of Group Gifts. They also have an outlet section and a 2L sale almost every day.

Why haven’t I mentioned them before? Because I wanted to keep this place to myself. Ha!

I’ve given it some thought, though, and believe the owners Kim and Dean Legendaire add such value to Second Life with affordable nice-looking clothing, that they deserve to be mentioned. I’ve taken advantage of their 2L sales so many times it wouldn’t be right to not at least give them a shout-out.

So… thank you, Legendaire. I appreciate your clothes, your prices, and your 2L sales that keep me coming back. Keep up the good work!


Author: Moon Brite

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