Lunar Gardens on the Marketplace

As many of you already know, in addition to co-owning the Moon Bunny Shop with the genius scripter/creator, Scribzy, I also grow Plantpets, virtual flowers that give you seeds in Second Life. So far, I’ve only had a shop inworld, but this week I teamed up with fellow gardener, Serendipidy Haven, to establish the Lunar Gardens Marketplace Store as well.

I’ve always loved flowers in real life but have moved around so much that I haven’t had the chance to grow them. Having them in SL has been a peaceful, enjoyable outlet for me.

Seren and I thought it would be good to join forces on the SL Marketplace and help each other. That’s right! You can now shop Lunar Gardens without logging in. Thanks to Seren for setting it up!

Author: Moon Brite

1 thought on “Lunar Gardens on the Marketplace

  1. will they also work in opensim would love to use them in my landscaping still trying to find really good plants

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