Moon Bunny Inc.

I have a cool announcement. Scribzy Daxter and I recently teamed up to form Moon Bunny Inc.

I’m excited about this because Scribzy is a scripting genius. He’s so smart with some things he kind of scares me. 😋

Moon Bunny Inc. will have some cool things for you soon, but in the meantime, the first release is a Raffle Board some of you may be familiar with.

When my previous raffle died I mentioned this to Scribzy, and he actually made me a whole new raffle from scratch! Really! So it’s appropriate this is the first thing we release. I might be biased, but it’s a great raffle. I’ve been using it for some time now.

I will write more about Moon Bunny Inc. soon.

To be continued…

Author: Moon Inworld

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