Moonletters To Take On Writers?

There’s a possibility I might take on writers like the old days of Moonletters. In a previous incarnation, Moonletters had a volunteer staff who wrote weekly columns.

Types of articles that would likely suit Moonletters:

  1. Tips and tricks. e.g. How to Find Interesting Places
  2. A useful item, free or cheap. e.g. How to Upgrade Your Avatar To Mesh But Stay Yourself
  3. Opinion. e.g. Why I Prefer to Shop Inworld
  4. Humor. e.g. Man vs Second Life
  5. Fiction or Poetry (not often). e.g. Real SL Situations: The Story of Wayne
  6. Amusing Events. e.g. Second Life | Premier Wrestling
  7. Interesting Places to Visit e.g. A Wonderful Sim to Explore
  8. News about Linden Lab

Articles should be between 300 – 1200 words (approximately) and include one photo. I’ll consider freelance contributors as well as weekly staff writers.

Writing is voluntary, but regular writers will receive a VIP Link and bio on the future About/Staff page.

If interested, contact me at Tell me about yourself and what kind of articles you prefer to do.

Author: Moon Inworld

2 thoughts on “Moonletters To Take On Writers?

  1. Hey!

    If you do decide to go ahead with this, you know I’m always happy to help out. Not sure I could commit to being a ‘staff writer’ again – I doubt I could commit to a weekly piece, (I can’t even stay on top of my own site!), but if you ever want to throw a topic my way, feel free!

    s. x

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