Moonletters To Take On Writers?

I haven’t decided for sure, but there’s a possibility I might take on writers like the old days of Moonletters. In a previous incarnation, Moonletters had a “staff,” who each wrote a weekly column. I say staff (in quotes!) because they were actually lovely people who volunteered or received just token compensation, but faithfully turned in content.

On social media, I see loads of sites related to Second Life, but they’re mostly fashion blogs, photoblogs, or filled with pictures. Moonletters isn’t like that. Posts here usually have just one photo, and the focus is on words. I also don’t blog for gifts or payments from stores. Items you see here are those that amuse me or I purchased myself. If I’m affiliated with something, such as mentioning an item from my own store or something from a friend’s store, I clearly state that.

Types of articles that would probably suit Moonletters:

  1. Tips and tricks. e.g. How to Find Interesting Places
  2. A useful item, free or cheap. e.g. How to Upgrade Your Avatar To Mesh But Stay Yourself
  3. Opinion. e.g. Why I Culled My Second Life Friend List
  4. Humor. e.g. Man vs Second Life
  5. Fiction or Poetry (not often). e.g. Real SL Situations: The Story of Wayne
  6. Amusing Events. e.g. Second Life | Premier Wrestling

I try to publish evergreen content if possible but Second Life is always changing, so it’s not always easy. For example, a fairly recent article about Gacha in SL appeared on here, and not too long after that, Second Life banned Gacha! Since it’s impossible to keep everything up to date anyway, I may also consider publishing about timely events or temporary sales, though lasting content is more of a priority.

If you’re interested in writing for Moonletters (if I do take people on in the future, likely in a volunteer position!), contact me at Tell me why you’d like to write, a bit about yourself, and what kind of articles you think you’d be good at.

Author: Moon Inworld

2 thoughts on “Moonletters To Take On Writers?

  1. Hey!

    If you do decide to go ahead with this, you know I’m always happy to help out. Not sure I could commit to being a ‘staff writer’ again – I doubt I could commit to a weekly piece, (I can’t even stay on top of my own site!), but if you ever want to throw a topic my way, feel free!

    s. x

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