Moonletters To Take On Writers?

In a previous incarnation, Moonletters had a staff who wrote weekly columns. There’s a possibility I might take on writers like the old days of Moonletters.

Types of articles that suit Moonletters:

  1. Tips and tricks. e.g. How to Find Interesting Places
  2. A useful item, free or cheap. e.g. How to Upgrade Your Avatar To Mesh But Stay Yourself
  3. Opinion. e.g. Why I Prefer to Shop Inworld
  4. Humor. e.g. Man vs Second Life
  5. Fiction or Poetry (not often). e.g. Real SL Situations: The Story of Wayne
  6. Amusing Events. e.g. Second Life | Premier Wrestling
  7. Interesting Places to Visit e.g. A Wonderful Sim to Explore
  8. News about Linden Lab
  9. Fashion writer. Note: This is not a fashion blog, but I might consider articles and reviews about the subject. It would have to be special and feel right for me to consider it though.

Articles should be between 300 – 1200 words and include just ONE photo.

Both freelance contributors, as well as weekly staff writers, will be considered.

Writing is voluntary, but writers will receive a byline, a link on the Peers page, and (future) Staff page if they are regular contributors.

Contact me at if interested. Tell me about yourself, and why you’d like to write for Moonletters. If you can link to something you’ve written or include a short sample, that’s helpful.

Author: Moon Brite

2 thoughts on “Moonletters To Take On Writers?

  1. Hey!

    If you do decide to go ahead with this, you know I’m always happy to help out. Not sure I could commit to being a ‘staff writer’ again – I doubt I could commit to a weekly piece, (I can’t even stay on top of my own site!), but if you ever want to throw a topic my way, feel free!

    s. x

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