Red’s Mystery Shack

I collect whimsical things in Second Life, from music boxes that play hobbit tunes to moons and pet fairies. Red’s Mystery Shack, a realistically run-down roadside attraction, is just the sort of place I like to visit.

“I built the shack as an homage to the roadside attractions I’ve visited over the years,” owner WillowEaston said. “Normally much less mysterious and much more ‘tourist trap’, these places still always held a certain charm and novelty for me.”

The place is charming and shabby just like something you might see in real life, and has a gas station with a convenience store inside. “Souvenirs are available in the shop for super cheap,” WillowEaston said. “My effort at some of the silly little gifts that you can buy at these attractions either as a memento or as something to take home to a loved one.”

Red also said she’d send a souvenir free to anyone who couldn’t afford one.

Me? I got my very own Mystery Shack Sasquatch for 15 lindens which I proudly put on display in the Killing Moon Pub. I also explored the shack which had several freaky things. Hitler’s head in a jar was a nice touch!

Places like Red’s Mystery Shack are what make Second Life fun to explore for me, so I give this little roadside attraction (and the bigfoot souvenirs) a big thumbs up!

Author: Moon Brite

1 thought on “Red’s Mystery Shack

  1. I came across the Mystery Shack some time ago whilst driving around the mainland. It’s not often that something grabs my attention enough for me to pull over and jump out of the car for a closer look, but on this occasion I did. It’s definitely quirky and a fun place to poke around and see what you can find.
    I did manage somehow to get myself stuck and unable to escape from one of the many clickable curiosities there! No idea how… It’s a mystery!
    A great example of how to cram a lot of interest into a small space.

    s. x

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