Sometimes it’s Good When People Leave

Years ago I found myself part of a group in Second Life. I wasn’t close friends with everyone, but was on good terms with most of them; and I spent many evenings surrounded by the same faces.

Then it happened. A man made a joke, and a boyfriend got offended. Harsh words ensued, and from then on the group was split. No huge drama apart from one ragequit, but this one disagreement changed the dynamic of the group.

Division is often a bad thing, but sometimes it can be good when people go their separate ways. If we don’t gel with others, we can actually breathe easier once they’ve left. It can even give us a chance to be ourselves more, or do things we wouldn’t have if the old faces remained.

It can open up a whole new Second Life!

Author: Moon Inworld

1 thought on “Sometimes it’s Good When People Leave

  1. So so true.. and it opens us to more experiences and fun!

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