Talking About First Life in Second Life

Most of us go to Second Life to have a bit of fun, and put real life issues aside. And yet, some bring first life into SL, much to the annoyance of those who view the virtual world as an escape.

“I treat SL as being exactly what it says on the tin – a second life: Distinct and separate from the one I happen to be blessed with outside the confines of virtuality,” Serendipidy Haven said on her blog. “So when I log in, I’m looking forward to chilling and relaxing…”

Personally? I agree that a lot of first life should be kept out of SL, but I don’t mind when good friends talk about real lives or problems. My only pet peeve is politics. I care deeply about certain issues, so the last thing I want to hear in a place I go for fun are political comments. There’s also a time and place to discuss certain things, so venting at an event that’s meant to be fun is probably not a good idea.

“If you really want to log into SL and get into a political debate, discuss your chillblains, or argue the relative merits or otherwise of large-scale deforestation in favour of industrial beef and palm oil production, then by all means find a group of like-minded people inworld and spend time getting it off your chest with them,” Seren said. “You can even set up your own group and have dedicated events around your preferred topics of discussion, but don’t just dump it on a bunch of unsuspecting victims who might simply want to spend a short while away from that reality and have a good time.”

Maybe we all need a Third Life!

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