That Modem Sound – Do You Remember?

If you were alive back in the ancient days of Compusaurus Rex (aka “the 90s”) you may remember a certain sound.

The sound of a dial-up modem.

If you weren’t on a computer back then, this sound goes beep beep boop beep SCREECH and will probably mean very little to you, but if you were it may bring back the sweet memories of anticipation – that feeling of waiting to get on the internet.

We can experience this happy sound once again with Nomad’s 56K Modem. Oh yes! Not a freebie, but 125L worth of online nostalgia.


Author: Moon Brite

1 thought on “That Modem Sound – Do You Remember?

  1. Ah, happy times…

    The excitement building as those tones burbled away; the anticipation growing, waiting for that final long hiss and beep; then the utter frustration when your mum cuts the connection as she picks up the phone to call Aunty Vera for the latest gossip.

    It’s not the same any more. 🙁

    s. x

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