The First Place You Visited in Second Life

Cavern276When you started Second Life, where was the first place you went? I don’t mean where Linden Lab put you, but the first place you actually chose to go on your own? Where was it, and how did you get to it? What was it like, and did you stay there?

When I first joined Second Life, I did not stay long where they logged me in. It was a noob place and, though it was helpful in the sense that it gave me instructions on how to edit my avatar, I was so eager to explore, I managed to discover the “search” feature and was out of there almost immediately.

The first thing I typed into Second Life search (my equivalent of “Hello World”) was THE BEATLES. I remember this clearly because it was a historical moment in virtual history – and that search brought up the Liverpool* sim!

My first Second Life teleport was to Mathew Street in Liverpool, the start of my Second Life! Most of the old friends I have today, I know due to going to the Liverpool sim. If I did not meet them in Liverpool directly, I met them through someone else who did. The Cavern Club became my home and, well, the rest is history.

After my first drop into Liverpool, I searched everything I could think of to explore in SL. I went to post-apocalyptic landscapes and Victorian London. I visited museums and rowdy rock clubs. And yet, no matter where I went or how far I strayed, I always made it back to Liverpool. It was home, the place I felt most comfortable.

When you were new, where did you go?


*The original Liverpool sim I visited has been gone for years now.

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  1. I went to a medieval role play sim called Reading Primley. It was very pretty but I wasn’t into role play (I didn’t know it was to be honest) so I didn’t stay long. I’m still in the group though, and still get regular notices, I think because it was the first place I really decided to go to. I still have the peasant outfit.

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