This page lists people, shops, and organizations I feature on Moonletters often for one (or more) of the following reasons:

1. They’re a friend of mine who makes great content and they send me stuff to beta test.

2. They’re a talented shop owner who sends items because they’re a fan of Moonletters.

3. They’re an individual or organization that keeps me posted on cool events and interesting places.

The shops I receive payment from are Moon Bunny, which I co-own with Scribzy Daxter, Lunar Garden Plantpets, and Brite Rentals recently launched.

I don’t receive payment from any of the people listed below unless you count the cool items they send me now and then. I also never feature anything I don’t personally like or think Moonletters readers might be interested in.


Serendipidy Haven

Shop: Haven Heavy Industries


Zarniwoop Masala

Shop: Malarky


Anna Alicia

Shop: Anna Erotica