This page lists people who send me items to test now and then or have a connection as a friend, fellow writer, or supporter of Moonletters. They are listed in no particular order.

Serendipidy Haven

Haven Heavy Industries

Serendipidy Haven’s Musings


Anthony Lovett

KLR Music Radio


Zarniwoop Masala

Shop: Malarky


Anna Alicia

Shop: Anna Erotica


JP Lancaster

Club: Dear Prudence Rock Club


SodaSullivan Resident

Club: The Mercury Ballroom


Bruce Liebknecht

Shop: Plantpets


Xundra Snowpaw

Xundra’s Littlest Pet Shop

Xundra’s Breedable Blog


Jennifer Steele

Steeliehook Forest


Fnordian Link

Shop: Fnordian’s Magic & Gadgets



Shop: Wishing Well Fountains


Wagner James Au

New World Notes

Making a Metaverse That Matters