Moonletters is about the virtual world Second Life, and has been around since 2007. It was relaunched in 2021.

Moon Brite loves the virtual world. In real life, she’s a writer and former publisher. She’s written everything from speculative fiction to news and has been featured in pro and semi-pro magazines. She’s also the author of a highly-rated book and a former singer/guitar player for an indie rock band.

For questions about Moonletters, write moonletters@protonmail.com



Will you promote my item / shop / location?

Maybe! You’re welcome to send info or items to Moon (Shauna Vella) or email us. There’s no guarantee it will appear on Moonletters but it won’t hurt to try. Those featured on a regular basis may be listed as a Peer.

Can I write for Moonletters?

Maybe! See Moonletters to Take on Writers for more info.

Is Moonletters affiliated with any shops?

Yes. Moon Bunny Inc, Lunar Garden Plantpets, and Brite Rentals. If you’d like to show support for Moonletters, buy something from one of these shops or come rent a little place.