Moonletters: This site is about the virtual world Second Life. It has been around since 2007, but was relaunched in 2021. While Moonletters is only about Second Life at the moment, we may cover Opensim and other worlds in the future too.

Moon Inworld: Publisher “Moon” has been the editor of various underground publications and has been published in pro and semi-pro magazines. She’s written everything from speculative fiction to news.



I’m a store owner/creator. Will you write about my item?

We might if we like something from it. If you offer at least one gift to the public, that’s even better since we update our Free category often.

Another option is to run an ad.

Can I write for Moonletters?

Maybe. See: Moonletters to Take on Writers?

Can I meet you in Second Life?

If you’d like to say hi, swing by Moonletters Town at Penny Lane and look for Moon in the pub, arcade, or Moon Bunny store!

What’s the best way to contact you?

Email Moonletters@protonmail.com