Moonletters is about the virtual world Second Life, and has been around since 2007. It was relaunched in 2021.

Publisher Moon Brite loves the virtual world. In real life she’s a former editor and has written everything from speculative fiction to news.

To contact us write moonletters@protonmail.com



Will you promote my item / shop / location?

Maybe! You’re welcome to send a notecard with info to Moon (Shauna Vella) or email us. There’s no guarantee it will appear on Moonletters but it won’t hurt to send info.

Can I write for Moonletters?

Possibly. See Moonletters to Take on Writers for more info.

Is Moonletters affiliated with any shops?

Yes. Moon Brite is the co-owner of Moon Bunny Inc with her friend Scribzy. If you’d like to show support for Moonletters, you can buy something from Moon Bunny. We have games and a variety of silly stuff.