Help, I Just Deleted My House!

Have you ever accidentally deleted something in Second Life? Maybe it was a small plant or a house? Or maybe it was an entire city block that was all linked together! If so, the initial reaction was probably like almost every other SL resident. Virtual panic!!!

Hey, it happens. No matter how long we’ve been in Second Life or even if we lock objects down to keep them safe, it’s still possible to delete them by mistake when loads of windows keep popping up. Or maybe we just accidentally click the wrong thing.

Never fear! That club that disappeared when you just meant to remove a small bush is safe.

Here’s all you need to do.

  1. On the Recent tab of your inventory open up the Trash folder.
  2. The object you just deleted will be at the top of the list. Right-click and choose “Restore Item.”
  3. The item will be moved to the top of your Objects folder. Right-click it there and choose “Restore to Last Position.”

That’s it! Your house (or club, or whatever!) should be in the exact spot it was before you accidentally deleted it. Problem solved. Panic over. Yay!

EDIT: “Restored to last position” will only work if you’re the land owner or the area is open rez. You will still get your object back, you’ll just need to position it manually. Also, I’ve been told this step isn’t available to all viewers, so this tip is for Firestorm or other viewers that have it.

Author: MoonX

2 thoughts on “Help, I Just Deleted My House!

  1. One thing to bear in mind is that ‘Restore to last position’ will only work if you have rez permissions at the 0.0.0 coordinates of the region, this is because your objects will be rezzed there first, then moved to their last position.

    Not a problem if you’re the landowner or have group rez permissions for that corner of the region, or if it’s open rez, but if you don’t have rez permissions the operation will fail. Not a massive problem, since you’ll still have recovered your stuff, but you’ll have to position it manually instead. (Great opportunity for remodelling! – Every cloud 😉 )

    s. x

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