Running – How to Start and Stop

I admit it. I giggle when I see a noob running. I’m not sure why; I guess I’m just easily amused. (I also think Benny Hill music should be required for all running noobs, especially naked ones.)

Actually, it may surprise some people to hear this, but running isn’t just for noobs. No really. Running is useful sometimes, like when you want to get somewhere quick but flying is disabled and you can’t double-click teleport because doing so takes you right back to some silly landing point.

HOW TO RUN: Double click the up arrow ⬆️.

HOW TO ALWAYS RUN: Not that you want to do this (noob, cough) but you can by clicking Ctrl + R

HOW TO STOP: If you’re running because you double-clicked the arrow all you need to do is stop. When you move again, you’ll be walking, not running.

If you’re running because you used Ctrl + R then you need to toggle that to stop.

If you’re like me and make typos inworld it’s possible to cause yourself to “always run” by accident when you’re trying to rebake your avatar. A rebake is Ctrl+Alt+R  so if you miss pressing ALT you may find yourself running instead of rebaking!

SUGGESTION: If you do decide to run, please make the running animation as ridiculous as possible.

Author: MoonX

2 thoughts on “Running – How to Start and Stop

  1. I reckon there must be loads of people making the ‘rebake typo’, because almost every store I go to I see other avatars zooming past me at 90 miles an hour! I know shopping can be a drag, and something to get over and done with quickly – but we’re not talking groceries here, and it does get me a little bemused as to why people feel compelled to zip around like Mo Farah when they’re shopping for hair.

    What about health and safety? Have they no consideration for the slowcoaches like myself who get bowled over as they go crashing about? Won’t they please think of the children!

    With the crazy pace of real life, it does surprise me that SL apparently doesn’t move fast enough for some. Not for me though… I even walk when other people fly. You will occasionally see me running along the roads of the mainland, however: It’s not because I’m into virtual jogging though – it’s usually because I’m trying to get to a rez zone as quickly as possible, where I can drag out a Ferrari from my inventory and go tearing down the road at top speed.

    OK, so maybe I do travel at high speed occasionally, but at least I don’t do it in the middle of the mall (not usually, anyway).

    s. x

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