Moonletters HQ is in the Sky

Recently, I put Moonletter HQ into a large place in town. The building was huge, looming over the area, and the office inside was dark and slick. It was actually a little weird. Due to the dark walls, it had this “Neo from the Matrix lives here” vibe. I love the red pill, but knew my office (and that big building) belonged elsewhere. So, I moved the HQ into one of my favourite places; a room in the New Moon 80s Club.

I also cleared out inactive avatars from the inworld Moonletters group. Some people hadn’t logged in since 2010! So, at the moment that’s just for news about this site, or residents of the Penny Lane sim. I set a 50L joining fee to future members for quality control, but if I invite you myself, I’d wave that fee of course!

The Moonletters office exists for a few reasons. A big one is having an inworld location to contact me by leaving a note on the table. Dropping a notecard in that box is better than sending one directly. I’m less likely to lose it! So if you have an interesting place I should see, or some whimsical item, feel free to let me know.

Author: Moon Brite

2 thoughts on “Moonletters HQ is in the Sky

    1. I think it’s an amazing building too! You’ll often find a few of us gathered on a Friday evening there, just chilling and enjoying the atmosphere and the music.

      s. x

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