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When I was a noob it took a while to save up the lindens to buy it, but when I finally did, I got hold of a multi-purpose gadget called MystiTool. This HUD completely changed my Second Life, and let me see and do things I couldn’t with just my regular viewer.

There may be better tools available these days, and some SL viewers do things you could only do with MystiTool at the time. And yet, I still use it to this day.

Want to see the features? There’s too many to list so, if you’re curious, check out MystiTool on the Marketplace.

In addition to practical features there’s also “Offensive / Security” options. I was occasionally targeted by griefers back in the day, and SL had an infestation of bots; but MystiTool put me on a whole new level for self defense. In fact, the first time someone tried to grief me after I got it, I was actually thrilled. With the click of a button I could drag, trap, toss, and kill the offender. Some of you might raise an eyebrow at this, but I actually had fun. (Note: Killing in SL just means to send an avatar to their home location.)

Don’t let my particular use for this gadget put you off though because that’s not what MystiTool is about. It’s actually handy to know who is mimicking people in chat or doing something fishy with scripts. I see what is typed on secret channels, know when people come into chat range, and am told the names of objects that hit me along with who owns them.

Is MystiTool old? Very. Are some of the features outdated? Probably!

Do I plan to get rid of it? Probably not. I’ve had it so long it feels like part of the SL viewer to me!

Author: MoonX

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