Random Sim Finder HUD

Like to explore? We do too!

The Random Sim Finder HUD gives you another way to find places in Second Life.

Where will you end up? No idea! The HUD could send you anywhere in Second Life. If a place is not to your liking or not available, just click “NEW” and go somewhere else.

Two versions are included. A HUD to wear while you go exploring, and one you can rez on the wall.

Have fun!

MARKETPLACE: Random Sim Finder HUD [Moon Bunny Inc]

Author: MoonX

1 thought on “Random Sim Finder HUD

  1. This is a fun tool, especially for those days when you’ve no idea where you want to go and the world map simply isn’t rezzing!

    I do like that you get to view the map tile for where you’re going first.

    s. x

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