Moonletters Expands Coverage To More Than Just Second Life

Since 2007, I’ve written about Second Life specifically on Moonletters, but with the metaverse, in general, being a hot topic in the news and my recent adventures into OpenSim, I’ve decided to be open to covering more than just SL here.

I have always been interested in virtual reality and was hooked on SL the first day I joined. I didn’t even make it past the Welcome Center before I found the Search feature and attempted to explore everywhere. I ended up at a place where I soon met friends I still have to this day. Within the first couple of weeks, I owned land and was co-owner of a club. The rest is history!

My inner child is a cyberpunk, and I am passionate about the virtual world itself. That’s not limited to one location, so because of that, you may see mention of other grids here too now.

Watch this space!

Author: MoonX

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