Being Kevined

Have you ever been Kevined? I asked this on Facebook and had over 100 people put their hands up to claim they had.

Kevin gets around!

Who is Kevin? Not sure really, but he’s been “new” in Second Life for years now, has multiple accounts, and just wants us to lend him “462 of those linden things”!

All Things Pink even made currency with Kevin’s photo. Go Fund Kevin: “462 Linden Things”.

“Poor Kevin is new to this game and has been trying for years to get this skin/shape combo for 700. All he wants is someone to lend him 462 of those Linden Things so he can get it. Just seems nobody wants to help him out,” the advert reads. “But now YOU can! Here’s a stack of 462 Linden Things in cold, hard L$ currency notes. You can send it to Kevin when he strikes. Go fund Kevin!”

Sometimes the replies people give Kevin are entertaining, like Toxi Diaz who told him “Hey boyfriend. I’ve been waiting for you to message me. I’ve been waiting so long.” But Kevin wasn’t interested.

Not everyone is amused by Kevin, though. One woman said talking to him or about him gives him the attention he wants and the only thing we should be doing is reporting and blocking him immediately. Maybe she’s right, but I’d rather see the humor in it. I’ll laugh – then block him.

PHOTO CREDIT: Thanks to AuraRose Fitzgerald for allowing me to use her screenshot of being “Kevined.”

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