See Who Enters and Leaves the Sim Immediately

Here’s a little tip that may change your Second Life: Set it so you always know who ENTERS a region, and who LEAVES a region – immediately!

No more waiting for avatars to get within a certain range before you know they’re there, and no more checking radar constantly to see if someone else is on the sim with you. If someone enters your region you will know instantly because you’ll see it announced in chat.

It looks something like this: “[04:47] Eve (Eve——- Resident) entered the region (167.94 m).”

Here’s how you do it:

  1. In Firestorm click the PEOPLE button on the bottom of your screen
  2. Choose the OPTIONS tab at the bottom of the window.
  3. On the NEARBY tab tick the boxes that say “Report Entering your Region” and “Report Leaving your region.”

For those who never used this feature before, it might seem overwhelming at first to learn how many people are actually entering and leaving the sim you’re on.

TIP: One characteristic of a bot is that they often enter a region, then leave a region immediately. You may be surprised to see how many bots are visiting your sim!

Thanks to Scribzy for this great tip!

Author: Moon Brite

1 thought on “See Who Enters and Leaves the Sim Immediately

  1. Botty Bots! Sniffing around people’s groups, cheating on raffles (those that don’t have protection) and spamming if they find exploits… and who knows what else. What do we know… why are so many bots flying in and out. If Scribsy has any more info I’d love to know. Is it all sinister, or are some bots ‘checkers’, like, making sure the sim is still active, whether rent is due etc?

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