When I joined Second Life years ago I noticed there were these little balls everywhere I went, and if I right clicked and sat on one I would dance, sit, or become involved in some kind of movement/animation. The little balls looked weird at first, but I soon grew accustomed to seeing them, so much so that I ceased to notice them after a while.

We do not see poseballs too much anymore, apart from those that temporarily rez on a dance floor. Creators put animations inside furniture now because it saves on prims and looks a whole lot better.

And yet, now and then I’ll run across a place in SL that looks like it hasn’t been touched since 2007. Someone is still paying for the land, but the owners have either abandoned it or never left their own area to see that the rest of the virtual world has moved on from 32 prim deck chairs with one static sit animation and a poseball.

Even so, it’s nostalgic. If Second Life continues, perhaps they will be like antiques. We may discard them now and even laugh at them, but will we regret it one day? Will poseballs become a collector’s item?

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  1. I miss poseballs… Mostly because of the number of times I’ve embarrassed myself by clicking manically all over an item of furniture, desperately trying to sit down, only to get that perishing message ‘There is no suitable surface to sit on’ – it’s times like this that I end up sat on walls, other people’s heads and double-click teleporting into compromising positions. I think content creators have a conspiracy to hide the poses in the most illogical, difficult to get at positions possible, just so they can wind me up.

    Bring back poseballs, I say: The bigger, the better!

    This post reminds me of one of my favourite pictures: https://colleencriss.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/when-u-know-u-been-playing-too-much-sl.png

    s. x

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