Free Mesh Heads and Bodies From Linden Lab

Last week Linden Lab released mesh starter avatars available to new Second Life residents, so I thought I’d test one out on one of my old alts!

“These avatars, called Senra, are a fresh mesh take on the classic Second Life avatar, with a customizable modern and stylish look,” Linden Lab announced. “These avatars will give new residents the opportunity to get started with a mesh body and personalize their own unique look the very first time they log in to Second Life and get a taste for the endless possibilities of avatar customization available to SL Residents.”

I’m not so sure about modern and stylish in their current state, but they’re mesh! If SL creators begin to make things for these Senra avatars I’m sure their appearance will improve. Fortunately, Linden Lab is providing dev kits. If you’re a creator go to Senra Body SDK Applications for information on how to get one.

The photo above shows me standing behind the Senra avatar wearing my Lelutaka head and Maitreya body. I tried to make the Senra avatar in front look like “me” by changing the shape and adding some old BOM eyeliner, but it has a way to go! I used the skin Linden Lab provided, and there were hair options too, but I decided to use one I already owned from Wasabi on it instead.

If you’d like a Senra avatar for yourself, you don’t have to do anything to get one apart from looking inside your inventory. Yes, that’s right. All Second Life residents have these mesh avatars now. Search for “Senra,” and you’ll find male and female versions to choose from. Have fun!

Author: MoonX

3 thoughts on “Free Mesh Heads and Bodies From Linden Lab

  1. It’s not bad, Moon. I wish I had this when I started SL. I remember only having that Michael Jackson jacket and found a “sexy walk” that came with some shoes I got at Freebie Galaxy. I think these will help newbies understand mesh and also decide on how they want to approach to personalizing their avatars!

  2. Yikes! That image is going to give me nightmares… Those eyes! And, are those false teeth?

    Do they come with baked-on underwear, like in the good old days?

    Seriously though, this is a progressive step on the part of the Lab, sadly several years too late. Will creators make the effort to make clothing and shapes for them? I’m guessing probably not, but let’s see what happens. It would be interesting to know how well popular mesh heads work with the Senra avatars.

    s. x

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