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Full disclosure: The store I’m promoting today is run by one of my closest friends, Serendipidy Haven.

However, anyone who knows me will tell you that I won’t promote things on Moonletters unless I actually like them, even if made by a friend. I also don’t do paid blogging or anything like that, so if you see it here, it’s because I truly like it.

Actually, I don’t just like Seren’s neon signs. I think they’re great. I’m really proud of her too. She’s clever and worked out how to use Blender, a program most of us open, take one look at, and close immediately! Not only that but she learned how to create wonderful neon signs that are low impact / low prim.

In her blog post On a Mission, Seren describes all the work she puts into her SL creations. “I will have spent a disproportionate amount of time designing and planning that piece; then there’s the whole mind-numbing and long-winded process of creating, texturing, rendering and exporting the mesh – a process I might go through half a dozen times before I’m happy with the finished object,” she said. “Once inworld, there’s tweaking and scripting to be done, followed by the even more mind-numbing and time-consuming process of creating a Marketplace listing. Then, there’s more time spent in Photoshop, creating a suitable image for MP, before I can finally reveal my new creation to the world, and even then, should I choose to blog about it, that’s more time and effort expended on an item that, in real terms…”

Her hard work has paid off. She’s come up with a quality product.

Side note: I have a thing for neon, and often go exploring SL to find it. Yes, I know. A funny thing to search for in SL, right? But hey, it’s my inner cyberpunk! I never told Seren this though, so when she opened a neon store I was thrilled. I’ve been designated the number one fan of her store too. You will see a lot of Seren’s creations in my New Moon 80s Club and scattered around my place!

If you’d like to visit Seren’s store you can visit Neon Dreamz inworld or Haven Heavy Industries on the Marketplace.

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