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Full disclosure: The store I’m promoting today is run by one of my closest friends, Serendipidy Haven.

However, anyone who knows me will tell you that I won’t promote things on Moonletters unless I actually like them, even if made by a friend. If you see it here, it’s because I truly like it.

Actually, I don’t just like Seren’s neon signs, I think they’re great. I’m really proud of her too. She’s clever and worked out how to use Blender, a program most of us open, take one look at, and close immediately! Not only that but she learned how to create wonderful neon signs that are low impact / low prim.

In her blog post On a Mission, Seren describes all the work she puts into her SL creations. “I will have spent a disproportionate amount of time designing and planning that piece; then there’s the whole mind-numbing and long-winded process of creating, texturing, rendering and exporting the mesh – a process I might go through half a dozen times before I’m happy with the finished object,” she said. “Once inworld, there’s tweaking and scripting to be done, followed by the even more mind-numbing and time-consuming process of creating a Marketplace listing. Then, there’s more time spent in Photoshop, creating a suitable image for MP, before I can finally reveal my new creation to the world, and even then, should I choose to blog about it, that’s more time and effort expended on an item that, in real terms…”

Her hard work has paid off. She’s come up with a quality product.

Side note: I have a thing for neon, and often go exploring SL to find it, so when Seren opened a neon store I was thrilled. You will see a lot of her creations scattered around Moonletters town.

If you’d like to visit Seren’s store you can at Neon Dreamz inworld or Haven Heavy Industries on the Marketplace.

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