Vote Board: The Future of Decision-Making Has Arrived!

Introducing the Vote Board, from Moon Bunny Inc.

Are you tired of complex voting systems that require you to decipher complicated instructions and fill out endless forms? Do you find yourself lost in a sea of choices, unable to make up your mind? Well, worry no more, because the future of decision-making has arrived, and it’s as simple as “Yes” or “No”!

YES, It’s THAT Easy!

Why Choose the Vote Board from Moon Bunny?

Simplicity: Our cutting-edge technology has stripped away all the unnecessary noise and left you with the two most straightforward options in the world – “Yes” or “No.” No more “maybe,” “sometimes,” or “I’ll get back to you.”

Mind-Blowingly Quick Decisions: Tired of endless debates and dilly-dallying? With the Vote Board you can make decisions faster than you can say “indecisive.”

Fun for Everyone: Voting has never been this entertaining! Watch as your SL friends, family, and partners unleash their inner drama queens while passionately casting their votes with grand gestures and dramatic flair.

Party Game Extraordinaire: Spice up any gathering with our Vote Board! Whether you’re deciding what song is the best or whether to fire the DJ or not, the Vote Board will turn any gathering into a lively and hilarious event.

Saves Relationships: End those never-ending debates with your partner about whether to go dancing or spend the night in the skybox. The Vote Board ensures a harmonious life together.

Built-In Drama Generator: Is your Second Life too boring? Let the Vote Board add a dose of unpredictability and excitement to your day. Will it be a “Yes” or a “No”? You’ll never know until you vote.

Customize Your Experience: The Vote Board is mod so you can change size. Make it uniquely yours!

Don’t waste another precious second hemming and hawing over life’s choices. Get your Vote Board today and say goodbye to decision paralysis forever!

Choose wisely (or not), and remember, with the Vote Board from Moon Bunny, every decision is a breeze!

*Vote Board is controlled by menu. There are no notecards to fill out, just click it to get started.


Author: Moon Brite

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