BOM Tank Tops: Because Fashion Shouldn’t Leave You Blushing!

It may come as a surprise to some, but not all women in Second Life want to look like a stripper. Unfortunately, non-sexy clothing can be hard to find these days, which makes me wonder; do we learn Blender and create our own mesh clothing, or do we plead with fashion creators to give us the option of non-sexy attire? I’m not sure, but I’ll be making use of these BOM tank tops from Friday in the meantime. They look great under some of my tops!

“I’ve been asked to make a lot of the original system/texture clothing available again for use with Bakes On Mesh,” Darling Monday explained. “These items are great for layering underneath mesh clothing! You will need to understand how to use BOM with your mesh body of choice.”

The BOM tank tops have received positive reviews so far. One customer, Resa Nova, called them the best ever. “I cannot say thank you nearly enough,” she said. “One purchase just resolved all my shirt-wearing issues at once. Also, an unbelievable price for all that is included – so many styles, so many colors. I have never posted a review on a purchase so fast in all my SLife. Thank you! I love you! Thank you! This seriously needs 10 stars.”

Goldenstar Sand admitted she grabbed the tanks without trying the demo first. “I needed a BOM tank in a pinch,” she explained. “What I wasn’t expecting however was the SHEER AMOUNT of tops I was going to be getting for only 50L. HOLY FREAKEN COW!”

Yes, you read that correctly. The entire BOM Tank Top collection is priced at only 50L! And, no, we at Moonletters don’t receive any commission if you make a purchase. I don’t personally know Darling Monday, but I’m genuinely grateful for these BOM tank tops and wanted to give them a well-deserved plug. Thank you!”

MARKETPLACE: friday – BOM Tank Collection

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