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mystitoolWhen I was a newbie it took a while to save up to buy my first Second Life gadget. When I finally did, I got hold of something called MystiTool. This multi-purpose HUD changed my Second Life and let me see and do things inworld that I couldn’t with my regular viewer.

There may be better tools available these days, and I’m aware that some SL viewers do things you could only do with MystiTool at the time. And yet, I still use it to this day.

Want to see the list of features? There’s too much to put in this article, so check out MystiTool on the Marketplace.

Actually, I only use a tiny portion of what MystiTool offers, and I’ll let you in on a little secret. The reason I bought it was partly for mischief. You see, in addition to the practical features there’s “Offensive / Security” options. I was occasionally targeted by griefers and SL also had an infestation of bots that took space away from real people. Hey, I may have been new, but I wasn’t going to put up with griefers, bots, or even mischievous friends.

MystiTool put me on a whole new level for self defense, and for years I did not share this “mysterious tool” with anyone. The first time someone tried to grief me after I got it, I was actually thrilled because with the click of a button I could drag, trap, toss, and kill the offender. I know some of you might raise an eyebrow, but that was actually fun! (Note: Killing in SL just means to send an avatar to their home location. No griefers are actually harmed.)

Please don’t let my particular use for this gadget put you off because that’s not what MystiTool is about. It’s actually handy! I know who is mimicking people in chat or doing something fishy with scripts. I can see what is typed on secret channels, know when people come into chat range, and am told the names of objects that hit me along with who owns themr. This is why I give the cars at Penny Lane funny names. When they bump me, MystiTool says I’ve just been hit by “your momma’s yellow car.”

Is MystiTool old? Very.

Are some of the features outdated? Probably!

Do I plan to get rid of it? No way!

I haven’t taken MystiTool off for nine years and do not plan to. If it ever comes off, I feel a bit naked.

Do you know of a HUD that compares? Have a suggestion for one that’s more up to date? Feel free to post it!

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  1. I still use a radar that I got from The Changing Rooms sim back in 2008. It’s just a little blue circle that sits on your viewer screen with a list of avatar names that are in range. The only other things I wear are my Vista AO and my Flight Feather.

  2. I tend to use built in viewer tools, rather than HUDs, since they’re less resource hungry, however I do own a MystiTool – and it saves cluttering up the screen with the radar.

    My Oracul Assassin lighting HUD is the one thing I’d be completely lost without – the ability to subtly change my personal ambient lighting to perfectly suit my mood and outfit is just fab!

    I have to say that I’m shocked that dear, sweet Shauna Vella is an advocate of ‘offensive security’! Who would have thought it?

    s. x

  3. I have MystiTool too Shauna, Pat has used it for years and he bought me one. I haven’t actually had to kill anybody yet, but if the occasion arises I will be ready.

  4. I can remember some of my first friends in SL having this way back in 2008… Of course back then I hadn’t a clue what it was/did/how it worked, and never bothered to find out seeing as I was poor and really didn’t think I needed that level of “tech” in SL lol
    Still not sure how much I would use it now, but sounds really good as a “gadget” with some fun elements in it too!
    Had to laugh at Seren’s surprise at Shauna’s “dark side” lol

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