Gacha in SL

Most Second Life residents have heard of Gacha, but since some are still not sure what it is, I thought I’d explain it to the uninitiated.

I admit it. I take pleasure in many Gacha markets. I like whimsical things, and Gacha has loads of that. For those who prefer more traditional items though, you can find that too.

Gacha is from Japan: In Japan, people buy from vending machines containing collectible items. You can get a variety of things from them, usually part of a set.

One can’t choose specific items from a Gacha machine, but the prices are low so people usually in something worth at least what they paid in. That’s one reason Gacha is fun; the surprise element, the feeling of chance without much loss.

Why Gacha? In Japan the machines are called Gashapon … “Gacha” for the sound of a crank on a toy vending machine, and “pon” for the sound of the toy capsule dropping into the receptacle.

What can you get? In Second Life a Gacha can be anything from a stuffed toy to clothing. It can be furniture, a vehicle, even a house! The virtual world is not limited by space, so you can just as easily get a sofa as a trinket.

Characteristics of Second Life Gacha: Like real life Gacha, SL Gacha items are usually part of a collection and are limited in quantity, with some more rare than others. Gacha objects should be no copy/transferable so they can be traded, resold or given as presents.

Me? I tend to go to gacha resell markets so I can pick items directly. I don’t do much collecting, but just like to find cool stuff.

Where to get Gacha: Markets come and go, so type the word “Gacha” into inworld search using the places or classifieds tabs. You can also find websites, Facebook groups, and pages dedicated to Gacha.

Author: Moon Brite

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