Kawaii Barriers

My friend Seren continues to add more items to her Japanese collection, and her latest is Kawaii barriers.

“Roadworks, construction sites and health and safety aren’t exactly the first things that spring to mind under the headings ‘cute’ or ‘kawaii’, but the Japanese have a knack for re-imagining their approach to those things that, elsewhere, would be seen in a completely different light,” Seren said. “This is reflected in my new range of kawaii construction barriers, based on real-life designs that can be routinely seen around many construction sites in Japan.”

These barriers are great for urban settings and building sites. They’re also low impact and you can choose from Worker, Kitty, Monkey, Ducky, Froggy, Dolphin and Panda. I also heard it through the grapevine that she may be adding more.

For more info see New! From Haven Heavy Industries or go straight to the Marketplace.

Author: MoonX

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