Upgrade Your Avatar to Mesh But Stay Yourself – For Just 2L

UPDATE: I wrote this in 2021, and have switched to a Lelutka head since then. However, this info is still helpful if you want to change a classic avatar to mesh without spending anything.

Do you still use a classic avatar because it’s “you” and mesh heads and bodies change your appearance too much? If so, I have some possible good news for you. Not only can you upgrade to mesh and still look like you, but you can do so for just 2L (1L for head, and 1L for body). That’s right, keep your classic skin and shape. Look like yourself – but better.

How? Sweet’s Ruth 2.0 BoM Bento Mesh Head. It’s practically free because it’s an open-source project, but it was a life-changing SL experience for me. For ages, I tested expensive mesh heads, and none looked right, but the moment I put Sweet’s head on I knew I was never taking it off. I barely had to edit it because it looked the way I always wanted to but could never get myself there with just my classic avatar.

To be fair, I know I am making this head sound like a miracle. That’s because it was for me, but my friend tried it and wasn’t happy with it. She wanted to make it work, but in the end, she went back to using her classic head. I’m not saying this will work for all avatars, but for me, it has been awesome.

Sweet’s has a mesh body too if you need it. I already had one from Maitreya, but fortunately, the head worked great with it. All I had to do to obtain a seamless appearance was use the BOM option with Maitreya so my whole avatar showed the same skin. No lines on my neck, but I’m 100% mesh.

If you want to make a change, but want to keep your classic skin and shape this is worth checking out.

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Author: MoonX

4 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Avatar to Mesh But Stay Yourself – For Just 2L

  1. Hmm. If you have to wear a choker that usually means the neck/head do not match up right. Can you explain why there is a choker included and why the heads are not shown withOUT the choker so we can see if it matches up or not? (If the choker is not covering up errors, I don’t like chokers anyway and wouldn’t wear it.)

    1. Hey Monavie. If you wear their head and body together it should match since it’s BOM and all one skin. Or, if you’re like me and wear just their head with another body (I use Maitreya) while using the BOM option on the body, it also matches. I’m guessing this photo was made before it was common for the major selling bodies to have BOM options. At that time the head and the body would have shown different skins so you’d get a line on your neck. So long as both your head and body are BOM it should match and you won’t need a choker. NOTE: The head and body aren’t shown together because they’re sold separately (for 1L each).

  2. Hi and thanks for the information. 🙂 I’ve been playing with Ruth 2 for years now, being a resident of Opensim too, where I believe it was first created. What I don’t understand is, if I keep my shape and skin, what’s the main benefit for changing to mesh? The only thing I can think of is having nicer looking feet and hands. Is there something else that I’m forgetting or I’m not aware of?
    Thank you in advance. 🙂

    1. Hey Pink. That’s a great question. I actually asked the same thing before I went to mesh! To put it simply, mesh just looks better. The classic body and face have a pixel look to them, but the mesh is smooth without jagged edges. If you zoom in on faces you can really see the difference. The trick is finding the right head. I tried loads of expensive heads and hated them, but this 1L BOM head from Sweet looked great the moment I put it on. That is not the same for everyone. My friend would tell you a very different story! For me though, I’d never go back to the system head or body. Thanks for your question!

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